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Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
in tennessee. we heard them. i want to show you what the crowd looks like here on the national mall. hundreds of thousands of people, around 800,000 people expected to pack the national mall to witness history today. they have been waiting down here patiently all morning because it's part of the process to get to where you need to get to. we got to capitol hill around 3:40 eastern time in the morning. it took us about an hour and a 1/2 before we could get through security and get in position. security is very tight around the capitol and throughout washington, d.c. as we wait for that swearing-in ceremony to begin. >> amazing the crush of people. if you are in place to watch the inauguration, there was a parade after that. there was no way you can do them both, right? >> reporter: absolutely not. with we have team coverage all over the place. i'll be here. we have someone else set up to do the parade. we have people all throughout the route in all of the key places where we'll see the first family and the vice president. so what's going to be happening today, the parade is one thing. that rou
Jan 30, 2013 7:00am PST
comes out of congress on this matter. >> we're also also watching why what is going on and tennessee. these trees snapped because of the chair until downpours in the wins. >> we will see millions of people affected as the line of storm surges from borland's all the way to the tennessee mississippi valley. it is lighting to the east coast. >> it is 9:42 a.m. and we'll be back in a couple of minutes. 945 a m and our team coverage continuing of the super bowl. j.r. stone is in new orleans and he has been capturing all of the action. >> what have you been doing down there? >> i have been hanging out with the 49ers. yesterday everybody was on the field at the superdome and talking. today we are at the hotel in new orleans and the whole team comes up. harbaugh talked and cabinet talked. some of the big-name players sat behind some of the other microphones and the other ones were basically sitting at tables. you go and talk with them and hang out. some guys had 30 or 40 camera's on them and other guys were just sitting back listening to music. it was pretty busy and these players are ready
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
in america. the green car has been made exclusively in japan, but will now be made at a plant in tennessee. the automaker says it is working to manufacture 85% of the cars is sales to the u.s.. in north america by 2015. however, the lease is not the commercial success it was expected to bay, with total sales still under 10,000. total sales still under 10,000. (dog) oglarry,rrrry,rrrrryrr. . ? push-ushps or orintri whatwh wro w wit wfetcfe or o? let'les do tdos las y!y! ooh,oo i got gt, it,ot iot (narraarr) tr) cal cie-siert rtnutrnuion io ben bul hullthylt includesudrainraand anal alickeic includesbecabeusend anal ehealhey doy is aislayfla dog d beneful fualthalweigwe. fi. us bto help elt mot pla pin yinrs rday.da >> welcome back. it is 7:15 a.m.. we are taking a live look as storm tracker 4. we have picked up some light rain in the santa cruz mountains. this is along highway 9 and it also have a light dusting of snow. it is really not too much moisture behind this call from. we still may see some light showers before noon. i think the bigger story is the cold air that is filtering into
Jan 16, 2013 7:00am PST
tennessee. good afternoon, let me begin by thanking our vice president joe biden for his dedication to this issue and for bringing so many voices to the table. while reducing gun violence is a complicated challenge we have to protect our children from harm and it should not be a--over the months since the tragedy in newtown we heard from so many people and not of them have been more effective than those gorgeous children that were lost. their teachers or also lost. we are grateful for all of you take your time out and to recognize that we honor their memory carr. we also heard from some unexpected people. i started to get a lot of letters from children and for them are here today. they are pretty it representatives of some of the messages that i receive. these are some very smart letters from some pretty smart young people. hanna which is a third grader. can you go ahead and wait. >> sarod, ico terrible for the parents lost their children. i love my country and i want everyone to be happy and safe. granted, where abraham. he stated that is to be some changes and that we should learn
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4